Personal Training

Prefer to have us come to you? That's no problem. You can come to our newly built luxurious gym or we can come to you! Together we can customize a healthier lifestyle, food advice, and even secrets in the gym no one wants to reveal. Sign up today!

Whether your goal is to elevate your overall fitness, gain strength, drop body fat, increase lean muscle or simply move better, our personal training program is the fastest way to get there.

In addition to targeted workouts our personal training program also includes personalized nutrition, fitness testing, progress monitoring, as well as access to our online training platform.


Personal Training sessions are scheduled at your convenience and take place in a fully equipped boutique gym in new market.


Personal training




Personalized Nutrition Plan

Fitness Testing & Progress Monitoring

Where and when do personal training sessions take place?
Our personal training sessions take place at Laya Fitness Private studio, a state of the art facility in new market. Training sessions take place at your convenience. The great thing about personal training is that it offers you a large amount of flexibility. Our personal trainers work early mornings, late evenings, during the day, and also during the weekend.